Nanyuki & Ngare Ndare Road Trip New Year offer for only 2550 Kes

January 15 2017
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A Man love triangle

They say that men and women act differently, love differently and have different reactions to how they feel.  I believe that a man will only truly love once, after that, he’ll never love like that again and that he’ll always, ONLY be in love with just that one….that he will take that love to the […]

Children at the Little Flowers Child Development Center romp on the playground. Their teachers like to get them outsidein the sunshine to exercise, which helps them to focus later in the classroom.

Our kids fate

It’s better to spend more on daycare with a higher percent of certainty that your kid is safe, than the uncertainty of your child’s safe after all. It’s better to have your child alive than losing him or her because you didn’t want to spend much on daycare. Yes, accidents do happen, but what happened […]


Safaricom holds Blaze Summit on 30 September

Safaricom will hold its fourth Blaze Summit, in Nairobi on 30 September, following summits in three other towns that have attracted an estimated 20,000 young people so far. The summits enable guests to have one-on-one engagement sessions with mentors in various fields. Sylvia Mulinge, Safaricom’s Director of Consumer Business, said that youths attending the summit will get a chance to […]


They helped a great deal in publicizing my event – Meet Up for Designers



Llyod Phillip

Most comprehensive event website in Kenya. I always find something to do on the site.



James Kanja